Yoni massage Certified Therapist and Coach course

According to statistics, female sexual dysfunction is very high, some people believe that can account for 30 to 60 percent of adult women, among which sexual desire and orgasm disorder is the most common, some women may never enjoy orgasm in their life. SD auxiliary therapy is a combination of "medicine and mind cultivation", combining massage technology, biology, sex therapy, mind and body spiritual practice and modern medicine, bringing great physical and mental support for modern women, awakening women's self-awareness, love and acceptance of themselves. It is learning to give and receive, trust, intimacy, relaxation, pleasure, connection and joy.

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1-3 months
Online and Remote
Course Modules
Female sexual dysfunction and sexual arousal (AD) problems are most likely to affect aging and overall health, so it is common for women to worry about AD.Massage therapy for YONI is an alternative to: sexual dysfunction
Theory and Philosophy
The role of a vibrator
General holistic massage
Sexy area massage
Yoni and genital area massage

Important toolRules of massage therapy
The attitude of the masseur
Bear witness to all her emotions in a way that she doesn't feel your presence
To lay down their self-esteem
The person being massaged
The most important action

reflexologyAnatomical structure
Orgasm interpretation
The yoni mapping

Yoni massage is an art that not everyone can do with ease, or under any circumstances.The receiver's position
15 Attitudes the recipient needs to know
Chakra system
We sometimes encounter some kind of chakra imbalance. However, yoni massage keeps all chakras working smoothly and smoothly to help the body balance energy.

The room is decoratedTo prepare
The conversation
During the massage
After a massage
Customers change their minds

The key step 12The core part
Find your own G spot
To explore the anus
16 yoni positions
Massage process
Activate the warm-up
Face down Yoni massage
Yoni massage on your back
Relax the end
31 massage fingers
Combination of case

Main techniques: softening, frictionKnead, strike, vibrate
Auxiliary technology:
Rolling and pressing
Drawing, drawing
Shaking, knead

The most important thing to remember is that all breathing is just for the body. Our main goal is to make the person who is being massaged more open, more active, and able to fully enjoy themselves.Breathing techniques before massage
Two positions
Circular breathing, deep breathing
Breathe synchronously and quickly
A breathing technique used during massage
After the end of the breathing technique

"Love muscle"advantage
General control technique
Advanced control technology

General principlesformula
Classic aphrodisiac massage oil formula
Tantric aphrodisiac mixture formula
Tantra aphrodisiac oil formula
Other Tantra essential oil recipes
Aphrodisiac plant

Assess customer needs
Respect customers' privacy, dignity and cultural differences
Ability and Responsibility
Safe practice
Responsible marketing and advertising

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