Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching
Certificate in Holistic Health Coaching

Become part of the new generation of certified health coaches who are changing the consciousness of the planet.

Our health coaching curriculum is based on cutting edge psychology, brain science, nutrition, intuitive listening, habit change and healthy lifestyle design.

$1,995.00 GST Included
1-2 months
Online and Remote
Course Modules
Part 1: Physical health awareness
Learning goals
Physical health awareness
Biological health
Modern medicine
Healthy mind (heart)
Social health
Energetic (energy and vitality) health
Spiritual, spiritual, or spiritual health

Part 2: Natural responsibility
Areas of physical health
The immune system
Natural immune
Specific immunity
Immune barrier

Part 3: Autoimmune diseases
Pressure link
Stress levels
Acute stress response
Situational stress response (stress)
Chronic stress
Part 1: Automatic body regulation 
Automatic adjustment 
Circulatory system 
Respiratory system 
Digestive system 
Endocrine system 
Skeletal system 
Muscular system 
Nervous system 

Part 2: Balancing the hierarchy 
Part 1: Belief system 
Why are we afraid of the body? 
What is a belief system? 
Health beliefs 
Promoting faith 

Part 2: Emotional Truth 
Anxiety in natural evolution 
Symptom 1 implication 
The 2nd whole is unified 
Number three, number 
Number 4 triggers emotion 
Fifth mind Thought 
Top five Core Principles summary 
Sixth spiritual consciousness 
Energy anatomy 
Personal Value 
Number 7 self - repair 
The 8th organ consciousness 
No.9 Knowledge and Methods 
The tenth person is empowered 
Part 1: Behavior of organs 

Part 2: Emotions and organ Relations

Part 3: Body Healing Quest 
1 What is holistic therapy 
2. Methods of overall treatment
3 Alternative and complementary therapies 
4 Medical association 
5 Homeopathy 
6 Physical and mental health
7 Emotional health and mental health 
8 Social and occupational health 
9 Core of overall health 

1 Health coach 
Learning Goal 
Health Coach 
Own advantage 
The role of a health coach 
Moral constraint 

2 Customer communication 
Good listening habits 
See the customer 

3 Set goal 
Target management SMART 

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