Cooperation Policy

《Cooperation Policy》
This commitment policy was last updated on 2020-01-10
Lanmanbo Classroom includes Wechat official account: LMBCAM and website:, here in after referred to as the classroom. After the courseware provided by the lecturer has been selected.The classroom is responsible for uploading the lecturer's introduction and course to the Wechat Public account and website.Classroom commitments introduce the instructor and external links in the course related pages.Due to the Wechat Public account policy, and all courseware is managed and uploaded by the classroom.

Due to the upon, the classroom statement is as follows:
1. For the works provided by you, the classroom considers that you have obtained the complete copyright, if your works involve infringement of the copyright of the third party, the classroom will remove your works from the platforms after receiving a report or complaint from a third party,  and you are responsible for the corresponding responsibilities arising therefrom.
2. The classroom has the right to decide whether to adopt the works you provide. After the adoption, classroom will communicate with you about the launch price, time, and according to your authorization to arrange the launch in time.  The classroom has the right to decide to take the works off the platforms according to the needs of the platform. For the works that have not been adopted, the classroom will inform you in time and destroy them, and will not use them in any other way.

The classroom promise:
1. For courses on sale, the classroom promises to summarize and settle with you the sales income of all your works on the shelves before the 10th day of each month, and to pay 50% of the sales income of your works on the shelves to your provided account before the 15th day of that month.2. Classroom promises that the works provided by you, regardless of whether they are adopted or removed from the shelves, will not be used in any way outside this platform.3. For cooperation in translating courses and producing Chinese audio, etc., separate terms will be signed.

Update InformationWe may update the policy from time to time.If there is an update, we will post the policy on the website with the new effective date.If we make any material changes, we will take reasonable steps to notify you in advance of planned changes.If you have any questions about us, please