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Certified training and clinical practice in hospitals
Training advantages within the hospital

30-60 days of training

Supporting teaching facilities and equipment

Certificate of hospital training

Vocational continuing education
Opportunities to help doctors and practitioners advance their careers, and to support them in improving their abilities, expanding their practice, and accumulating experience.
 Yoni Massage Therapist Certification Course
An internationally certified course, Yoni Massage Therapist and Coach is an internationally recognized training provider for Practitioners in Holistic Medicine (IPHM), making our graduates eligible for IPHM certification as therapists. LMB is an approved CEU provider for CPD, accredited and fully qualified to meet educational requirements. Completing the AD program will earn you a valuable CEU to renew your certificate with an INTERNATIONAL education organization and to be qualified as a certified expert. LMB is a training provider approved by the International Association of Complementary Therapists (CAM), which promotes public access to genuine training courses and recommends therapists who are safe to treat and of high quality and ethical standards.
 Professional training for doctors
The in-service doctor training program is a training program for the needs of medical personnel. Doctors and teaching staff from Renkang medical and other medical institutions are doctors with rich clinical experience and teaching experience.
About Renkang hospital
Renkang Medical is committed to providing personalized, high-quality, patient-centered medical services for patients by adhering to the modern hospital management philosophy and integrating the eastern and Western medical models.
The principle of
With the person this
People-oriented medical care expresses warm and caring
Piloting medical
Rigorous evidence-based medical practice
Innovation, trust, respect, excellence
High quality Renkang nursing team
Provide quality nursing services that motivate nurses to think and take responsibility for their career development.

Respect for life
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Renkang hospital of chongqing bishan just is the largest private secondary general hospital, chongqing city, urban and rural residents medical insurance for urban employees' medical insurance, public health service center, the Ministry of Civil Affairs difficult people medical assistance, the Chinese social and cultural development foundation love public welfare fund rescue unit, maternal and infant health care qualifications permission and the medical establishment that decide a dot of commercial insurance. The designation includes: District Political and legal committee, District Public security Bureau, District Health Committee, District Civil Affairs Bureau, district ethnic minorities. The District Health Committee and the designated medical unit of Public health and family doctor in Bishan street and community set up a medical alliance with a department of the Western Army of China, serving more than 72,000 people.
Renkang Medical Has helped thousands of patients to get cure or comfort from the pain of cancer, organized more than 10 public welfare activities, directly benefiting more than 200 patients, and the industry and influence have been increasing.

Pay attention to medical quality
Representative of medical team

Liu dong 
Chief physician
I have a deep insight into the inheritance prescription of my master Gong Du Ruo. I add and subtract dialectically. When wan Fa is in harmony and returns to nature, it suddenly becomes clear. Cure swelling such as water, to discharge rather than out, discharge moisture, discharge poison, Yin and Yang balance, return to nature! Member of Chinese Medicine Association, descendant of imperial physician, member of China Red Cross Association, President of Country Garden Community Hospital, Business director of Huizhou Chang 'an Hospital, business Director of Chongqing Renkang Hospital.
Liu sheng ping
Chief physician
He studied under Professor Shi Xiaoyang, President of Chinese Society of Acupotomology
Member of the Chinese Society of Acupotomology
Member of Chinese Acupotomology Association
A specialist in acupotomology
The second generation of successors of acupotomology
World Association of Directors of Acupotomology
Member of the World Spine Association sichuan Minimally invasive Treatment of Varicose veins Committee
Luo su bing
Chief physician
He is a major assistant of the Quartermaster Health Department of a PLA Army Reserve Logistics Support Brigade and the eighth generation successor of the Chinese intangible culture "Luo's bone setting technique".
He is good at treating all kinds of bone injury diseases, nervous system diseases and incurable diseases. Roche bone-setting therapy adopts the technique of "steady, accurate, light and fast", so that patients can truly experience painless treatment.
Tao yu zun
Chief physician
Graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ancestral family of traditional Chinese medicine, engaged in TCM clinical family for decades, the curative effect to first win the match, presently for lai hong hospital visiting the eight principles, expert consultant adhering to the four diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine dialectical treatment, has the unique treatment in cancer therapy, tumor in the early cure rate is as high as 85%, mid-term tumor cure rate 75%, advanced metastatic tumour cure rate 15%.
Xu hua zheng
Chief physician
Graduated from Sichuan Medical College, born in four generations of traditional Chinese medicine family, deep classic recipe family. He has been engaged in clinical practice of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine for more than 50 years and has rich clinical experience as a professional physician.
He is good at dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, especially for the diagnosis and treatment of various zang-fu tumors and miscellaneous diseases with unique curative effect.
Hua yuan yun
Chief physician
Three generations of Traditional Chinese medicine family, graduated from Cloud gate Medical College. Zeng studied in Southwest Hospital and Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University. Engaged in medical work for many years, accumulated rich clinical experience.
Good at treatment: a variety of nerve headache, bronchitis, emphysema, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney impotence, hyperplasia of mammary gland, single cyst outside, uterine fibroids, cervical cancer.
Zhang guang ming
Chief physician
Graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, engaged in TCM clinical practice for more than 50 years, has rich clinical experience, has published numerous PAPERS of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, registered medical practitioner.
Good at gynecological difficult miscellaneous diseases, internal digestive diseases, pediatric common diseases, especially systemic diagnosis of tumors treatment.
Xu yu qing
Chief physician
He graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has published several medical papers in national medical journals. He has been engaged in the clinical practice of Traditional Chinese and western medicine for more than 40 years and has accumulated rich clinical experience. Good at treatment: internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology and other difficult diseases, Chinese medicine has a unique treatment of tumor rehabilitation treatment.
Group and unit solutions
Research shows that employees' health directly affects their work behavior, attendance and performance. Addressing employees' physical, mental and emotional health issues can make them more engaged in their work. Renkang health care for enterprises or groups to develop employee health management plan, by improving the physical and mental health of employees, enhance the performance of the company, to help you enhance customer loyalty.
Personal and home solutions
Renkang medical can provide customers with direct insurance payment services, including our exclusive health management tool "Medical health management Plan". Meanwhile, in order to meet the needs of out-of-pocket patients, we have designed service packages in various departments.
Medical peer cooperation program
Renkang has not only actively communicated with industrial clinics, but also established cooperative relations with many large public hospitals. We sincerely hope to learn from each other and develop together with more peers, so that our patients can obtain the international level of high-quality medical services.
It combines traditional Chinese medicine with natural therapy
Renkang balance therapy
 Therapeutic detox
Embodying the three methods of perspiration, vomiting, and wheezing in TCM, to eliminate mucus in the lungs, causing repeated bronchitis, coughing, colds, or wheezing. Fat tongue, thick greasy tongue coating caused by blockage of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular causes headache, dizziness, chest tightness, chest pain, palpitation and shortness of breath, tumors, tumors, fibroids, cysts, hyperplasia, nodular mass lesions... Urination is timely, liver gallbladder, abdomen and jaundice toxin, such impurity in body educates outside body gradually, through excretion several times, patient will feel the organ becomes clean.
Through Virechan(therapeutic cleansing) patients will receive chest, heart and head, eyes will become clean and bright, body will become light, urine will be timely.
 Scientific proof
In order to prepare the body, the customer will arrange do every day is a essential oil massage, called Snehan oil therapy method to the toxin inside body stay by heat treatment (Svedana) or by heating moxibustion, the heat of the moxa mud to guide the stomach intestines and stomach, and then after 3 to 7 days to toxins separation process, you began to do Panchakarma detoxification therapies, it is through a combination of any one or more of the program to separate body toxins, should lead to include internal lubricating nourishing.
 Complementary medicine
More people are using complementary and alternative medicine than modern medicine. Complementary and alternative medicine has become a new medical trend all over the world.


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