Frequently Asked Questions

Please Email your registration information, including name, phone number, credit card information, or register yourself on WeChat.

In order to open the learning authority and registration information on the official website, please send us your personal information: name, id number, education background, employment and unemployment registration certificate (available), mobile phone number, WeChat registration of courses purchased, and mailing address (please check by yourself, the registration cannot be changed) WeChat. After the system opens the permission, it will send you a short message to inform the login account and password.
Inward Pathways Training Institute courses are provided on an online training platform available 24/7, with no fixed start dates so you can enrol at anytime and anyplace. You are expected to complete the course within the timeframe allocated to the course you choose to study.

Enrolling could not be easier – simply click the Enrol button beside any of the courses and you will be taken to our enrolment and payment form which offers you flexible payment options using credit card or payment plans.
Alternatively, you can call us on and one of our friendly staff will guide you through the process.
While the most cost effective way is to pay your course fees upfront, we do offer easy payment plan options to help you in paying off your course. If you decide to pay by payment plan, you agree to make regular monthly or weekly payments from the time of enrolment, regardless of changes in personal circumstances. This does not restrict your learning in any way as the full course will be released to you once the pay plan has been approved by our pay plan provider.

Each course is delivered online with some core elements – Detailed Learner Guides for each module coupled with Assessment questions which are marked by our assessors. Some questions may be multiple choice and others require a written response. For some courses we may also provide additional learning materials such as powerpoint slides or e-learning material to make it easier for you to digest. Your assessment results will automatically be posted to your online portal as soon as our assessor has completed the marking process.
In addition, students participating in our more practically based courses will need to practice with family/friends and use our online logbook to record their experiences. This logbook is required for your own educational and insurance purposes and will need to be maintained to achieve certification in the manual therapies such as Massage and Aromatherapy.  

Upon successful completion of your course you will receive your Certificate or Diploma and of course you will have gained new knowledge to assist you in your career or pathway to greater self discovery.
As Inward Pathways Training Institute is a fully approved training provider of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT), our students are also entitled to apply for student membership with the organisation and may progress to full membership status when they have completed their course.

Should Inward Pathways Training Institute cancel any course, participants are entitled to a full refund, otherwise no refund can be granted because we provide the full course materials and assessment materials in full after completing payment and enrolment. Inward Pathways Training Institute reserves the right to change policies, procedures and prices without notice.

Where applicable, qualified graduates are eligible to apply for professional indemnity insurance for their practice. This cover is considered essential for the professional practitioner and their clients. For more information, please contact the IICT.

We are NOT a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) so as such we do not offer a RPL process to achieve our Certificate or Diploma. Our qualifications are accredited with IICT and are recognised in 27 countries including USA. There are a number of very good RTO’s that can offer you a RPLYou may already be aware that the RPL process will require a substantive amount of evidence including but not limited to providing evidence of your theoretical and practical knowledge of the units within the qualification. It is a difficult process as the assessor must ensure that your evidence maps to each of the units so that they can deem you competent. In recent times the RPL process has come under a lot of scrutiny by the government and quite rightly as there had been a lot of abuse of this process.
The critical difference between our qualifications and that of an RTO is that the RTO qualification is a Nationally Recognised qualification and you can then apply to be a HiCAPS provider if that’s your goal.
If that is not the case then you may find that completing our online qualification would be a more prudent choice as you will get a lot of in-depth knowledge to refresh your existing learning, an internationally recognised qualification and potentially cost the same or less than an RPL.